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Safety and security is very important for any company. Not only for your workers but also for the public at large. When people interact with your company, you need to be sure that they feel safe and are safe. One of the subtle threats that can affect people over time is asbestos. Proper removal of asbestos is difficult, and even if you hire professionals to handle that task, there are significant possibilities of residual effects.

Environmental & Laboratory Solutions offers the focused service of ensuring that your workplace is safe and welcoming. We’ve been in operation for nearly a decade, and that experience has enabled us to develop the skills and procedures necessary to provide high-quality asbestos air monitoring for Sydney businesses that will give you the peace of mind you need and the safe environment that your workers deserve.

Know the Risks and Stay Informed with Asbestos Air Testing in Sydney


Many businesses have successfully removed asbestos from their buildings but they’re not the majority, as there are many buildings with asbestos still present. Whether you recently acquired a building and want to ensure your workers’ safety, or you’ve only just recently been able to have the asbestos removed and would like air testing and monitoring in a proper laboratory to confirm the safe conditions, it is the right move to engage an asbestos laboratory in Sydney to conduct the testing.

Here are some conditions that could arise through long-term asbestos air exposure:

  • Mesothelioma – Without specific triggers such as asbestos, this kind of cancer is exceedingly rare. It will initially make it difficult to breathe, but the problems will only worsen. It’s particularly insidious because the symptoms can take up to 20 years to manifest, meaning that by the time treatment begins, it’s already firmly in the system.
  • Asbestosis – This eponymous condition creates many of the problems that mesothelioma can cause, including difficulty breathing, pain, chronic coughs, and permanent lung damage. It takes chronic exposure, such as working somewhere with asbestos in the air, but over time the damage accumulates and does not heal properly.
  • Smokers’ Conditions – If the person who is exposed is also a smoker, they will respond more negatively and more quickly to the exposure, mainly because of the damage that their respiratory system has already undergone.

To avoid these risks, engage asbestos air testing in Sydney – don’t wait to start monitoring until the damage is already done.

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Our job is to make sure your job is safe and that there are no significant risks to the public or your employees through proper monitoring and testing of the air for asbestos. Many Sydney businesses can benefit from this check-up, as asbestos removal is a necessary and challenging task which sometimes leaves behind residual environmental factors.

Let our team help you, so contact us today to receive an inspection and get the peace of mind that you and your workers deserve.

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