Mr. Fluffy – The Silent Killer

During the 1960’s and 1970’s a contamination event occurred throughout the ACT and parts of NSW known as Mr. Fluffy. The term ‘Mr. Fluffy’ was coined to represent

Crystalline Silica Fact Sheet

What is crystalline silica?

Crystalline silica is a mineral present in products including shale, sandstone, concrete, bricks and manufactured stone. When these materials are cut, sanded or drilled, silica

Get Tested in an Asbestos Laboratory with ELS

Get Tested in an Asbestos Laboratory with Environmental & Laboratory Solutions

The knowledge that asbestos is a serious and dangerous consideration for buildings built before a certain time is

Choosing an Asbestos Building Inspector

Choosing an Asbestos Building Inspector in Brisbane Made Simple

How much asbestos is in your building? For many, this can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you

Asbestos Soil Sampling

Using Asbestos Soil Sample Testing in Queensland to Determine How to Proceed With a Project

The easiest safety threats to nullify are the ones that are easy to identify.

Choosing A Lab Queensland

Choosing a Lab for Asbestos Testing in Queensland: What Should a Laboratory Do For You?

How safe is your workplace? No matter the specific industry in which your business

Asbestos Air Monitoring Sydney

Keep Safety First with Environmental & Laboratory Solutions Asbestos Air Monitoring and Testing in Sydney

Safety and security is very important for any company. Not only for your workers

Asbestos Lab Testing Sydney

Asbestos has links too many chronic and deadly diseases. Its use in commercial products over the past century has increased the risk of diseases of the lungs and

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