Turn To An Asbestos Lab For Reliable Sample Testing

Turn to an Asbestos Lab for Reliable Sample Testing to Ensure Worker Safety

For decades, asbestos was among the most common building materials in use across Australia. Its versatility, however, is matched only by the potential health risks it poses. Though asbestos usage fell out of favour early in the 1980s and it ultimately received a total ban, there are many structures around the country which still contain asbestos in some form. If disturbed or improperly handled, it could still pose a risk to you and your other employees working on the job site. However, it is not necessarily easy to visually identify asbestos. Lab analysis is the only way to be sure.

At Environmental & Laboratory Solutions, we have provided access to our fast and reliable asbestos lab services for nearly a decade. When you require a quick identification so you can proceed with planning for mitigation and the continuation of work, we deliver a dependably high-value service. To ensure accurate results, it’s essential to follow proper sample acquisition procedures, including taking precautions to avoid any airborne asbestos fibres, such as wearing a P2-rated dust mask. Complete sampling guidelines can be found here, although you do not have to do so yourself. For maximum convenience, we can arrange for sampling to be taken by our trained consultants.

We make reports available promptly and include detailed results, including the type of asbestos identified if any was present. Armed with this information, you can make smart choices about how to proceed with creating a safer, healthier work environment. To take advantage of our asbestos lab testing, please contact us to make arrangements at your convenience.

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