Noise Monitoring

Noise Assessments

Noise is one of the most widespread workplace hazards, and often underestimated. All workers exposed to high noise levels are at risk of suffering permanent noise induced hearing loss.

Monitoring workplace noise is a vital part of an effective noise management plan, and is the only way to determine your workers noise exposure for comparison against the exposure standard for noise.

Using the latest equipment, ELS can provide a detailed noise assessment for your site.

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Our Capabilities

Our consultants have experience providing workplace noise testing services for a wide range of industries.

Our workplace noise assessments are carried out in accordance with AS1269.1: 2005 Measurements and Assessment of Noise, and can include:

  • Workplace Noise Test and Assessment
  • Personal Noise Exposure Monitoring (Dosimetry)
  • Noise Exposure Assessment
  • Risk Assessment and Prioritisation of Noise Control Measures.
  • Selection of suitable Personal Hearing Protection

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Workplace Noise Testing Equipment

For personal exposure monitoring we use noise dosimeters. These are small and light, and attach comfortably on the worker’s shoulder. The noise dosimeters are left on the worker throughout their shift, recording the noise levels the worker is exposed to throughout the day.

A variety of sound level meters are used to capture noise exposure levels during specific tasks or ambient noise levels in specific areas.

Workplace Noise Assessment Report

Our reports are written in plain English and include:

  • Interpretation of the results so they are easy to understand.
  • The pattern of average and peak noise exposure experienced by the wearer in the form of a graph.
  • Each workers average and peak noise exposure compared directly to the exposure standard.
  • A review of controls and PPE.
  • Independent advice & recommendations.

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