Respirator Face Fit Testing & Training

On-site Face fit testing

If you need to provide fit testing to meet your duty of care obligations for your employees, we can provide respiratory face fit testing, in our offices in Brisbane & Sydney, or on-site anywhere in Australia.

Fit testing is completed to ensure that a specific make, model & size of tight-fitting respirator achieves an adequate seal against the face of the wearer. Fit testing is an essential tool to ensure any respiratory protective equipment that is used as a measure to control exposure to an airborne hazard is sealed and working adequately.

This service allows employers meet the fit-testing requirements of Australian Standard 1715:2009 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment and Work Health.

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Quantitative fit-testing

ELS perform Quantitative fit-testing (QNFT) using the TSI Portacount Pro. This method can test all types of tight-fitting respirators, including disposable, half-face and full-face facepieces. QNFT eliminates the subjectivity induced error associated with Qualitative fit- testing (QLFT).

We maintain a full range of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) tester masks. This allows us to help you find a suitable make, model & size before you purchase the equipment, potentially saving you the cost of an ill-fitting mask!

International Standard ISO16975-3:2017

We have been providing fit-testing services for over 8 years, and in that time have developed an internal training program to ensure our fit test operators meet the competency requirements outlined in International Standard ISO16975-3:2017 Respiratory Protective Devices – Selection, use and Maintenance – Part 3 Fit-testing Procedures.

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Before your fit test :

Environmental & Laboratory Solutions are focused on quality and compliance, so to ensure your fit testing appointment is completed without issue, prior to the testing we require;

  • That you understand selection, use, limitations and maintenance of the RPE (should you require RPE training, ELS can provide a tailored training solution – click here for more information)
  • That you are clean-shaven (to ensure compliance with the standards, our fit-test operators will not conduct a fit-test on persons with facial hair)
  • If an individual undergoes substantial dental work.
  • That you avoid smoking 30 minutes prior to testing

Booking your fit test :

Please call our Brisbane (07 3256 2302) or Sydney (02 9878 0451) office to arrange fit- testing. Please make sure you know what brand and model of respirator is used and requires testing so our operators know what equipment will be required.

If you have any questions or concerns that you’d like cleared up before booking, please feel free to contact us and ask to speak to one of our experienced fit testing specialists.

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RPE Training

To fulfill your obligation under WHS regulation to ensure that employees are informed, trained and instructed regarding the use of RPE as a control measure, ELS have developed a training course based on the requirements outlined in Section 7 of Australian Standard 1715:2009.

The course covers the following topics;

  • Identification of the hazard
  • Assessment and management of the risk
  • Utilizing RPE as a control measure
  • Selection of RPE
  • Use of RPE
  • Limitations of RPE
  • Maintenance of RPE
  • Proper fitting & fit-testing
  • Theory examination

The course is tailored to your individual needs to ensure all information presented is relevant to your RPE and work processes, and that all attendees leave with the knowledge they need.

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