Choosing an Asbestos Building Inspector

Choosing an Asbestos Building Inspector in Brisbane Made Simple

How much asbestos is in your building? For many, this can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you operate your business out of an older structure. Knowing where it is — and taking steps to minimise any risk it may pose, if necessary — is of vital importance. How can you determine whether there is any risk to consider, especially if you plan to undertake renovations at some point in the future? While the age of the building is one factor to consider, asbestos can easily lurk just out of sight. A licensed and experienced asbestos building inspector in Brisbane can uncover these potentially dangerous secrets.

At Environmental & Laboratory Solutions, we proudly provide a straightforward way to fulfil your WHS obligations with reliable, accurate data about the potential risks inside your building. With more than half a dozen very experienced and fully licensed asbestos assessors on our team, we’re well-positioned to dispatch an asbestos building inspector to your Brisbane location whenever required. We structure our reports to make your job easier and your employees safer.

How do we accomplish this? By creating a detailed register of any asbestos found within your building, and by using strict criteria to classify the risks posed by each. Alongside operating as your asbestos building inspector in Brisbane, we can also build off this report to create a complete Asbestos management plan for your firm. By placing your trust in our experience, dedication, and proven track record, you can achieve compliance and safety together. For more information, contact us by phone or via email.

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