Asbestos Soil Sampling

Using Asbestos Soil Sample Testing in Queensland to Determine How to Proceed With a Project

The easiest safety threats to nullify are the ones that are easy to identify. Unfortunately, when it comes to asbestos, it is often not as easy to determine whether this dangerous material is present without testing a sample. You may already know that some old building materials are on site and are likely to contain asbestos, but a positive confirmation is necessary before you can make proper arrangements for removal. That’s simple enough — but what about when there are concerns asbestos may lurk elsewhere, like in the soil? Improper disposal or demolition in the past, or incidental contamination from work with asbestos that took place nearby, can trap fibres in the ground.

Left undisturbed, they don’t pose a risk — but kicked up into clouds of dust and dirty by heavy equipment, or when disturbed due to excavation, they pose serious health threats. Asbestos exposure can have long-term ramifications and lead to the development of chronic diseases, such as mesothelioma. For that reason, whenever you suspect that there may be deeper contamination of a work site, enlisting the help of asbestos soil testing services should be a top priority. At Environmental & Laboratory Services, we provide a range of testing and sampling options that can help equip you with the information necessary for creating a safer workplace.

How to Safely Prepare for Asbestos Sample Testing

Whether you require assistance with developing a broader asbestos management plan, or you just need to confirm the presence of asbestos through sample testing in Queensland, our state of the art facilities and friendly professionals are poised to help. When dealing with potentially contaminated land, it is important to avoid disturbing any of the fibres that may be embedded within the soil. To that end, the ideal way to prepare for sample taking is to schedule a professional site visit.

By visiting the site in person, a licensed individual can undertake careful sampling using the correct protective equipment, which will not only ensure that you and others working on the site remain safe, but also that we have access to representative samples. Afterwards, we conduct a thorough analysis and present you with a report as soon as possible. Because Environmental & Laboratory Services is an independent provider of soil testing, you can trust that our sole motivation is aiding you in determining the best way to proceed.

Take Advantage of Our Experience and Rapid Turnaround Times

Remember that asbestos is rarely visible to the naked eye; you will not be able to spot it in the soil by visual inspection alone. Before breaking ground on a new project in an area where contamination is possible, ensure that you’ve planned for a thorough asbestos survey as needed. We invite you also to learn more about our sample testing procedures along with the next steps you should take. To arrange for the collection of a sample, or answers to all your asbestos-related questions, please call us today

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