Breathe Easier With Reliable Asbestos Air Testing On Your Work Site

Breathe Easier With Reliable Asbestos Air Testing On Your Work Site

The material that the asbestos is found in makes it non-friable or friable, i.e. asbestos in fibre cement is classed as non-friable as the asbestos fibres are held together tightly and less likely to be release from the material they are found in. Asbestos in ‘low density board’ or vermiculate is classed as friable as this material is softer and easier to break meaning the asbestos fibres are easily released, constituting a serious airborne health hazard.

In the wake of a removal job, or in an environment where removal work is ongoing, asbestos air testing is essential. Primarily of use to determine that no airborne fibres remain, or to ensure that staff working on a site where asbestos is present are not accidentally exposed, ongoing testing is a necessity and may be a WHS requirement. At Environmental & Laboratory Services, we provide easy access to this vital service. With the ability to generate data-driven reports on air quality and asbestos concentrations on-site and without delay, our team can be a critical force in ensuring that all employees remain safe. At the same time, you can trust that you’ve met your compliance requirements.

Learn more about our asbestos air testing services or start planning for the deployment of monitoring equipment on site as soon as possible. At Environmental & Laboratory Solutions, our primary purpose is to protect you, your health, and the environment — get in touch to find out how we can achieve those goals together.

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