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Health, Safety and the Importance of Asbestos Sample Testing in Brisbane Northside

At Environmental and Laboratory Solutions (ELS), the goal and chief purpose of our business is to protect the health and safety of our clients, their workers and the public at large. We ensure this safety by providing an array of laboratory testing services—including asbestos testing and mould contamination testing—to businesses throughout the Brisbane area.

Australia and the Commonplace Nature of Asbestos

Many business owners—and property owners in general—wrongly assume that asbestos is no longer a problem in Australia. There is a good reason behind this misconception: asbestos has been the subject of a blanket ban in Australia since 31st December 2003. Asbestos has been illegal in Australia, in other words, for a decade and a half.

Even before then, asbestos was not being used in most construction projects. The health risks of asbestos minerals were well known by the time it was banned. However, Australia didn’t halt the mining of asbestos until 1984. According to the Australian Government, Australia ‘had one of the highest rates of asbestos use per person in the world,’ through the mid-1980s when it fell out of favour. The result of this incredibly high usage means that asbestos can still be found, in some form, in many buildings constructed before 1990.

Therein lies some of the importance of asbestos testing in Brisbane. If your business is based in an older building, then assessing the asbestos risks of the space is essential. Is there asbestos on the premises? If so, does that asbestos pose an immediate health risk to you, your employees or your customers? What is your legal obligation if there are asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your building. ELS helps businesses answer these questions.

Planning Asbestos Removal with Our Asbestos Sample Testing in Brisbane

If it does prove that asbestos on your property is a risk, then some form of removal or remediation will very likely be necessary. ELS and our asbestos testing in Brisbane Northside goes beyond simple asbestos identification and can be instrumental in planning a safe removal process. Again, our top priority is ensuring the safety of everyone who might encounter asbestos fibres. Unfortunately, the asbestos removal process can actually increase the danger of asbestos—and widen the net of potential victims—if not planned and executed correctly.

ELS offers an array of consultancy services—including pre-demolition asbestos survey and risk assessments, asbestos removal scope of work, removal project management, monitoring of airborne asbestos fibres during removal work and clearance documentation. By providing these services, we can check all the boxes on asbestos management and removal, minimising risks and doing everything possible to protect workers and bystanders alike.

Asbestos has been banned in Australia since 2003, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a problem. At ELS, we provide services designed to help property owners deal with this problem in a safe, responsible and legally compliant fashion. To engage our services for asbestos sample testing in Brisbane, contact our team today.

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