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When it comes to asbestos, it can be exceedingly difficult for businesses to keep up with their compliance obligations under Australian Regulations. If there is asbestos on the premises, is the business safe or even legally allowed to continue operating out of that space? If removal is necessary, what steps are required to ensure that the asbestos is removed and remediated properly? These questions and many others are asked time and time again by companies of all shapes and sizes. At Environmental and Laboratory Solutions (ELS), we can provide helpful solutions thanks to our asbestos testing lab in Brisbane.

Finding the Answers and Services You Need with Our Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is one of the core functions we serve at ELS, and in more ways than you think. Yes, we can help you determine if there is asbestos in your building or on your property. However, our capabilities also go beyond just verifying whether asbestos is a concern. For instance, if there is asbestos in your building or on your property and a removal project is underway, we can use our asbestos lab in Brisbane to provide a thorough pre-demolition survey and risk assessment. This assessment then plays a central role as removers and remediators work to strategise safe and compliant ways to address the challenge at hand.

We can also play a role during the removal process. One of the biggest concerns of any asbestos removal project, for instance, is the presence of airborne asbestos fibres. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) typically fall into one of two categories: friable and non-friable. Non-friable asbestos is relatively stable and is much easier to remove without introducing new health and safety risks. Friable essentially means ‘breakable’ or ‘easily crumbled.’ Friable ACMs crumble so easily that you can reduce them to powder with no tool more powerful than your hands. Asbestos in this form is incredibly dangerous, as the microscopic fibres can easily escape into the air and be inhaled by workers or bystanders alike.

As such, one of the crucial functions of our asbestos testing laboratory in Brisbane is monitoring projects where airborne asbestos is a concern. These projects, if not handled properly, can introduce major health threats into the very air we breathe. By monitoring worksites and providing clearances for these projects, ELS helps ensure a safe environment for everyone involved and everyone nearby.

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At ELS, we are prepared to put our asbestos lab in Brisbane at your service. We know that asbestos removal or remediation projects can be complex and difficult to plan. We also know that legislation in the field of Health and Safety is continually changing, to the point where many businesses struggle to keep up with what their legal obligations even are. ELS has the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to advise you on compliance and assist with the planning, implementation, monitoring and completion of asbestos removal projects.

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